This article from the University of Cincinnati reminds us of the critical importance of being a life long learner.  The 4 reasons contribute to having a multidimensional well-being mindset.  Life long learning also starts with building your own self-awareness,  so you can find that passion for what you are learning. THE ARTICLE:

Learning a new skill benefits your mind, career, mental health and social life

So, what motivates lifelong learners and why should you get on board? From improving your well-being and mental health to helping you create new relationships, lifelong learning offers a wide array of benefits no matter your age. Here are four reasons to build the foundation of becoming a lifelong learner in the New Year:

  • Lifelong learning is good for your brain, mental well-being and self-esteem.
  • Continued education can lead to beneficial career advancements.
  • Taking new classes will help you gain practical skills.
  • Exploring new passions help you connect with like-minded individuals.