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Category: Spiritual

Five Tips to Cultivate Spiritual Wellness

The Spiritual Wellness Dimension is a broad concept that represents one’s personal beliefs and values and involves having meaning, purpose, and a sense of balance and peace. It includes, recognizing our search for meaning and...

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Let’s Community Better!

Insight by Chuck Gillespie, CEO National Wellness Institute I read the article by Steven H. Woolf titled Social and Economic Policies Can Help Reverse Americans’ Declining Health. This is a well researched and written piece on...

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Patient Activation: Theoretical Perspectives

Definition of Concept: A focus on the patient’s role in managing his or her own health care is increasingly being promoted as an important strategy for improving the quality of care in the United States. The notion that...

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A History of Research into Core Values

By Dr Alaa Ahmed In 1969; Toffler, a prominent scholar, made an interesting observation by stating that “values are so inextricably woven into our language, thought and behavior patterns that they have fascinated philosophers...

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