By: NWI Staff

Brenda Stockdale, MA, REACE, CWP, the Director of Biobehavioral Medicine at Advanced Medicine, and the leader of a number of other recognized cancer care centers, joined wellness advocate Tekquiree on YouTube for an interview on the effect of media exposure on immunity and health. Specifically, Stockdale spoke on three important studies regarding the damage news coverage can do on well-being.

Stockdale, the author of You Can Beat the Odds, also shared how being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at a young age directed her to a path of intriguing research, and eventually to her fulfilling career of healthcare leadership. Tekquiree and Stockdale discuss how to keep from being overwhelmed by news coverage, and how to combat the dread and panic that can follow hand-in-hand. The interview also covers how much media one should consume, and other common media literacy issues.

Watch the interview in full in the video above. The interview grabbed the attention of Lesley University, who transcribed the interview in full on their site here.

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