by Julie Weidenfeld, CCWS

Workers are continually feeling the effects as steep costs for food, housing and gas eat away at take-home pay information that is spurring employers to rethink several workplace strategies, from return-to-office mandates to
benefits tactics. So – I ask this to all employers – why wouldn’t you want to be the ultimate influencer?

A bright light is shining on the topic of employee retention, and many workers and job-seekers are claiming to more likely choose to work for employers that proactively care and support their workforce. Just knowing that resources and education is available when it comes to managing personal finance creates a more productive, less stressful environment, which can lead to a stronger overall culture. The economic situation in our country, and globally, is daunting right now. Yes, it’s a cycle. But for many, especially those who have not experienced such uncertainty, it can be frightening. To expect them to show up to work and put aside their concerns is a tall order, from an emotional and psychological perspective. Consider, however, if their vulnerabilities or fears were honored and respected by those for whom they work. Can you remember a time in your life when you received such support when you faced
fear or uncertainty? Or perhaps you never received what you needed, and therefore had to bury some emotional anxiety due to things out of your control – how did that make you feel, act, perform at work?

Here are a few ways to assuage the financial concerns of your workforce:

If building a stronger culture for your staff is a top priority, now might be the
very best time to address financial and economic worries being carried by
your most important capital asset – your people. Provide information beyond
just what investments they can make in their retirement plans; provide
long-term value that can help transform past habits.
Together we can provide interactive education and outcome-driven exercises
for employees, so that they can show up every day knowing they are
supported, respected, understood and confident.