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Redesigning Wellness Podcast with Jen Arnold

The Redesigning Wellness podcast explores the world of corporate health to help employers build strategic wellness programs that engage employees.

In this podcast, Jen Arnold interviews experts in various specialties to demystify the common worksite wellness program. She’ll also spend time sharing barriers to help get your wellness program moving forward.

You’ll discover common sense approaches to wellness, tips for engaging employees and how to implement a program that your employees actually like.

195: Fighting Racism in the Workplace with Dr. Ella Washington, CEO of Ellavate Solutions

The President of the American Psychological Association recently stated, “We are living in a racism pandemic, which is taking a heavy psychological toll on our African American citizens.” Our colleagues, friends, and the people who have been on the receiving end of our wellbeing efforts, have been facing racism for years. Until now, White Americans (me included) have been unaware of the racism that continues to run deep in our country.

Let’s change that. Today’s conversation is the first of a series of conversations about race and how it materializes in the workplace. As today’s guest, Dr. Ella Washington, points out, “There is no neutrality when it comes to racism.” Dr. Ella Washington is an organizational psychologist who finds inspiration through the intersection of business, diversity, and leadership. Her research examines conditions of workplace cultures that best support inclusion, diversity, and equity, while also contributing to employee’s individual development.

As a member of the management faculty at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Dr. Washington prides herself on helping to develop and equip tomorrow’s business leaders with skills to be high-performing inclusive managers.

In this interview, Dr. Washington gives her perspective on racism, how racism shows up in the workplace, and the challenges that Black Americans face. She walks us through some missteps we should avoid when addressing race, and educates Jen on strategic color blindness. Dr. Washington leaves us with steps organizations can take to combat racism, as well as a list of books for us to read to further inform ourselves on the issue.

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