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193: The Impact of Substance Use Disorder on Your Workforce with Peter Loeb & Ashley Loeb Blassingame, Co-founders of Lionrock Recovery

If employees aren’t engaging in substance use while on the clock, why is it so imperative that employers champion substance use disorder recovery? “The research shows that 180 billion dollars are lost annually in productivity, turn over, and health care costs in untreated substance use disorders,” says Peter Loeb, one part of today’s father/daughter guest duo – Peter Loeb and Ashley Loeb Blassingame, co-founders of Lionrock Recovery.

Together, along with their third co-founder Iain Crabb, they have pioneered the path into telehealth for substance use disorder (SUD) recovery, using technology to make treatment more private and attainable to people who could not otherwise get help. With employees in nearly every state, Lionrock Recovery has been convincing the world that virtual treatment is effective far before COVID19 forced us online.

In this episode, Peter shares some of the background in founding Lionrock, and Ashley touches on the benefits of using a platform like Zoom in therapy. They define SUD and discuss why employers should care about recovery, how workplace cultures feed into SUD, and what employers can do to help.

Lastly, Ashley shares a few personal stories to humanize SUD, and they each leave us with a tangible tip we can use to help further the discussion of recovery in our own companies and lives.

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