By: NWI Staff, a partnership ran by over 150 volunteers and more than 80 organizations, is pooling resources to provide a unified response to the current crisis and its impact on families.

The free hotline and informational website the partnership has developed provides expert advice and assistance to families and teachers impacted by school closures. They are equipped to give callers concrete support on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Remote learning

  • Finding meals

  • Emergency childcare

  • Live tech support

  • Financial security

  • Psychological support

  • Free tutoring

Since the hotline was created a month ago, over 85,000 clients visited the new site or called for aid as a parent or teacher, nation-wide.

This coordinated effort wouldn’t be possible without help from reputable companies, including Class Dojo, Crisis Text Line, Khan Academy, Modulo and Revolution Foods. The hotline is staffed by volunteers with expertise in education and social services.

Please take advantage of this resource if you’re a parent or teacher who wants help planning their child’s education, needs help finding healthy meals, or just wants someone to talk to.

Visit or contact 1-855-264-2051 to speak to an expert volunteer for more information.