By Lindsey DesArmo

Grand Valley State University’s Press Pause Campaign

For worksites, sometimes gaining access to a successful campaign can help you in developing your own wellness programs. At Grand Valley State University, we have seen tremendous early success with an emotional wellness campaign. It is quite simple to coordinate and manage.

Press Pause logo. Rest. Relax, Refresh.It is called Press Pause and begins with the vision statement, “When you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” The Grand Valley State University’s “Press Pause” campaign encourages, students, faculty, and staff to take time for rest to maintain good emotional health and well-being.

Beginning in December 2020 and running through April 2021, the campaign features monthly topics on self-care, rest, unplugging, sleep, and balance. In December and January, participants were encouraged to reframe the perspective of what productivity really means, to improve overall well-being, allowing for better work and happiness. February’s topic focuses on the concept of “unplugging” which could mean something different for everyone from spending less time on social media to avoiding texting while at the dinner table.

The future of the campaign includes the promotion of healthy sleep habits and proper balance for your life. During this campaign, we will explore how to know you are getting enough sleep and preventing burnout by finding balance in life.

Learn more by visiting the campaign website. We encourage you to consider a similar campaign for your employees, as we are seeing continued increases in anxiety, addictions, and burnout. Do your part to communicate strategies and ideas that they can use daily.