Summer is slowly turning into fall, and wellness trends are slowly shifting focus, too. Wellness organizations are focusing on world issues, student mental health, multicultural competencies, and therapeutic interventions during the flu season.

Pandemic Hurts Student Mental Health

This article at Inside Higher Ed summarizes a new survey that found students are having difficulty accessing mental health care and are experiencing higher rates of depression since the pandemic began.

Effects of Physical Activity and Exercise on Well-being in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published at medRxiv, this preprint article explores the effects of physical distancing on mental health and well-being of the population, as a whole, and how physical activity and exercise can combat those negative effects.

The Need to Grow

Rosario Dawson executive produced and narrated this award-winning documentary that explores solutions during an unprecedented times. The film introduces you to three leaders in the movement—an 8-year-old-girl challenging the ethics of a beloved organization, a renegade farmer who struggles to keep his farm while revolutionizing resource-efficient agriculture, and an inventor facing catastrophe while developing game-changing technology—while asking the question, “Can we feed the world without destroying the planet?” Register here to watch the entire film for free.

Turning Up the Heat on COVID-19; Heat as a Therapeutic Intervention

This paper available at ResearchGate reviews evidence for using heat to treat and prevent viral infections, and explores cellular, physiological, and psychological mechanisms of action.