The Growth Collective

Join Susan Morgan Bailey, Marsh & McLennan Agency Culture & Well-being Practice Leader, for discussions with executives and practitioners as they break down the art and science of building successful organizations through thriving team members. If you believe it is possible to take care of your people and be successful in business too, but aren’t quite sure how to get there, The Growth Collective podcast is for you.

Sarah Day Kalloch: The Growth Collective Podcast: Good Jobs and Their Interdependence on Culture & Wellbeing

What makes a job a “good job”? Is it good pay, supportive culture, predictable schedule, growth opportunities, positive connection to co-workers, or an opportunity to make a difference? The truth is, according to research, it’s all this and more. And if an organization is struggling to attract and retain talent and hit other key goals, evaluating whether the organization offers Good Jobs is an essential starting point for improving the situation. I am wrapping Season 1 of the Growth Collective Podcast with one of the most thought-provoking discussions of the year. My guest is Sarah Kalloch, Executive Director of the Good Jobs Institute. The episode digs deep into topics that are top of mind right now…what it takes to create a long-term sustainable organization – how operational choices and investment in people and intentional culture impact the wellbeing of your people and the success of the organization.