The Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) designation is quickly becoming the industry gold standard for wellness professionals. Alyssa Protsman, Manager of Communications and Engagement at The National Wellness Institute, shares why wellness professionals should consider becoming a CWP.

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Narrator: I’m here with Alyssa Protsman with the National Wellness Institute. Today we’re talking about CWP, also known as the Certified Wellness Practitioner designation offered by NWI. Alyssa, why should wellness professionals become a CWP?

Alyssa: Becoming a Certified Wellness Practitioner or a CWP conveys to partnering organizations, clients, and communities that your leadership is going to result in increased engagement within the population they serve, as well as drive strategic, sustainable behavior change for high level wellness outcomes. The Certified Wellness Practitioner designation is quickly becoming the gold standard for wellness professionals who serve in a variety of spaces, including health promotion, counseling, wellness coaching, nutrition coaching, social work, health care, worksite wellness, community, health education, and so much more. So regardless of where you are in your career, if you were just starting out with a bachelor’s, in just a few years of professional experience, or if you have your master’s or your doctorate and you have been in the trenches for a decade, this is a meaningful credential. NWI has been around for half of a century and is working to develop high level curriculum to help wellness professionals make a greater impact.

Narrator: And how are current CWPs using this credential?

Alyssa: By staying connected with their CWPS through continuing education opportunities and within our LinkedWELL community, we have really gotten to see these professionals gain incredible confidence and really a new way of positioning themselves within their unique field. I had the privilege of talking to several of our members who have used the CWP designation. One gentleman who led work site wellness initiatives within the construction space was able to gain credibility that he needed to better address the opioid crisis that he was witnessing within his union and started giving keynote presentations to increase awareness, to really giving him that confidence and that credibility to lead that initiative to the next level. Another entrepreneur I recently spoke with has used her CWP credential to grow and strengthen her business as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She really felt it gave her that competitive edge and allowed clients to see that she knew what she was talking about and was able to address all aspects of their wellbeing. And that is really the beauty of a Certified Wellness Practitioner credential is that it helps professionals who are working in any space to elevate their careers and be recognized for their education, their experience, and their proven performance in addressing a whole person high level wellness, whether they are working one on one with clients, working to evolve community and public health initiatives, or even supporting health care workers during the pandemic.

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