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A Certified Wellness Practitioner credential shows you offer a different standard of expertise. For Ellen Corey, it was the spark to ignite a new career path. The CWP credential is awarded to individuals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds such as health promotion, counseling, wellness coaching, nutrition, social work, nursing, worksite wellness, public health, education, and more. 

Hear from Ellen why she recommends the gold-standard credential for today’s wellness professionals. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

It just gives me a frame of reference that no one else has. And I think that’s what it is. I’ve got the background; I’ve got the reasons why I do what do because I have studied it, I know the research, I know  the explanation. So, I think that’s the difference. It just makes me a stronger coach because I was not going to coach unless I had a credential. So, once I had that, ‘wow,’ then the door opened. And then you go in with more confidence because you know that you’ve got something behind you. It’s not just, I’ve got this six-month course, I’ve got a credential, I know what I’m doing. Because the CWP encourages you to take it a step further, to get the extra points, get the extra CPUs, and keep on learning and not be stagnant. 

There’s so much changing in our profession, especially since Covid and all this stuff. Things are changing and we have to move with it. And there’s a multicultural competencies. There are so many things that are filling the need of what the population that we feed, what they need. We’re not just there for us, we’re there to fill the need of the people that we serve. 

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