by Marcus Straub

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you likely understand the detrimental effects a lack of trust and loyalty can have on your culture, the success of your company, and overall happiness. You probably also realize the tremendous benefits trusting and loyal team members bring to your customers and operations.

Trust supports loyalty in team members. If you have my back, I’ll have yours. When trust between you and a team member is broken, any loyalty that existed is damaged. Once seriously damaged, it can be a lengthy process to rebuild trust. It might not be impossible.

When team members are mistreated, their trust in and loyalty to people and businesses are compromised. Some examples of this include not listening to team members, speaking in a derogatory or condescending manner, demeaning or humiliating team members in front of others, not paying them what you agreed or what they’re worth, failing to appreciate quality work, and not recognizing solid efforts. If these actions go on repeatedly, trust and loyalty will be destroyed and replaced with resentment.

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