Adopting a COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy for Your Employees

As the first wave of essential workers and high-risk individuals continue to get the COVID-19 vaccine, employers are considering how they can encourage employees to get vaccinated. Under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, distribution will likely remain limited to those groups identified as priority by the CDC for the next few months. However, once full approval is granted and the vaccine is widely available, it will be critical for your organization to have a clear strategy in place for your workforce. Read the full article at First Person Advisors

Can employers require COVID vaccines? Should they?

With more COVID-19 vaccines being administered every day, we finally can prepare for a post-pandemic workplace. Before we get there, though, employers need to consider how they’ll respond to the vaccine itself. Will they require workers to be vaccinated before returning to work? Will they make accommodations for those unwilling to get the shots? Will their benefit plans cover the vaccine cost?

Even though widespread availability of the vaccines is still months away, now is the time for firms to ask such questions. Tech firms, especially, should address these issues because, as the nation’s go-to pioneers of workplace culture, they’ll likely be expected to set the example rather than learn from others. Our experience working with organizations like TechPoint, Emplify and Springbuk has proven tech firms tend to be early adopters in all areas of progress, so we are confident they’ll willingly lead the way again. Read the Full article at Tech Point Index.