By: NWI Staff

NWI Board of Directors member Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, also a senior lecturer at Indiana University’s School of Public Health, has shared a video session with IU student Elena, which promotes a “feel good movement” experience, guiding viewers into stretch and strength exercises.

Practicing 15 minutes of light movement, like the session above, daily will help with physical wellness, while also addressing occupational, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellness.

Thank you to Dr. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster and Indiana University for their contribution to wellness during this time of unease.

Carol Kennedy-ArmbrusterAside from her service on NWI’s Board of Directors, Carol is a Senior Lecturer at Indiana University/Bloomington and is also a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. Prior to acquiring her Ph.D., she worked in a Sports Medicine Wellness program at the University of Illinois and helped start up the Fitness/Wellness program for IU Recreational Sports. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Performance and has developed wellness and fitness initiatives for workplaces, universities, communities, and the US Navy. She enjoys the combination of teaching, community engagement, and translational research. Her doctoral work focused on translational research in a military setting for active duty personnel over 40 years old. Carol has an interest in functional movement, worksite wellness outcomes, safe and effective movement instruction, and evaluating physical activity outcomes related to moving more and sitting less. Her passion is promoting, teaching, and evaluating safe, effective, outcome-based physical activity/movement program delivery methods in order to encourage healthy lifestyles and focus on improved quality of life and prevention of illness.