In a recent episode of the Wellness Laws Podcast, Suzanne Hunt, Director of Professional Development at National Wellness Institute (NWI) and host Barbara Zabawa talk about the importance of wellness compliance within the wellness industry and how wellness professionals can learn more about wellness compliance. Suzanne talks about the Wellness Compliance Institute (WCI) and the Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws course offered through WCI, now part of NWI. Suzanne also discusses her experience with the lack of wellness compliance emphasis in workplace wellness programming and how NWI is seeking to change that.

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NWI and WCI are helping to fill this education gap and create cohesion and credibility throughout the wellness landscape. Organizations and consumers of wellness can recognize and trust in professionals who have sought out quality training in how to integrate legal and ethical principles into their wellness practice. Embracing your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the wellness compliance law helps perpetuate clear standards and benchmarks for practitioners and vendors to reduce legal risk and build credibility and competence in the wellness profession.

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