In a recent episode of Derek Bell’s podcast, he dives into the upcoming Real Talk Wellness series with the co-facilitators, Corey Huck and Tyler Stuntebeck. The Real Talk workshops aim to support wellness leaders and advocates in navigating the current landscape, managing expectations of their organizations, connecting with “hard-to-reach” populations, identifying and implementing data-driven strategies, and in discovering and sharing innovative resources to leverage stakeholders to increase successful wellness programming.

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More About Real Talk Wellness

The world is quickly evolving, and the field of wellness is struggling to keep up. Join Corey Huck, Tyler Stuntebeck, and wellness professionals from around the world to modernize the wellness industry. We will work together to unravel the challenges, analyze data and current trends, share best practices, identify resources, and co-construct innovative solutions. Note: This is not your typical virtual workshop experience! Like most of you, we’re getting burned out from all of the virtual meetings, conferences, and webinars. Subsequently, we structured these workshops to integrate a blend of personal wellness with professional development. Join the fun as we focus our attention on relevant topics in wellness! Learn More