By Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, CPC, CDVC

How many times have you set a goal, taken a few steps toward it, and given up because you felt it was too hard to achieve? How many goals have you set and did not follow through at all?

Goals are meant to be a source of motivation and direction to happiness and success. Yet, a lot of us fail to reach them. However, those who move forward and achieve their goals create a positive impact on their lives.

Why is that? What is their secret?

Why are successful people able to achieve their goals?

1. Empowerment
Empowerment is defined as the “authority or power given to someone to do something” and “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

So empowered people have given themselves the “authority” to do something or be someone they want to be. They have become stronger and more confident by controlling their actions and decisions in life rather than letting others or circumstances control them.

2. Commitment
Although the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting is a well-known method, many have followed it and failed because they lacked commitment.

When setting goals, they must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely—no question about that. However, people who accomplish them are also fully committed.

When you set goals that are truly important to you, you will be more successful in achieving them, as you will recognize the true value of each goal – they become non-negotiable.

You must be willing to be committed to tie yourself to a goal and focus on its accomplishment even when it means making some sacrifices. For example, you save your weekends for building your business instead of going out with friends, or replace that slice of cake with an apple to lose weight, etc.

3. Motivation
Motivation is the “why” behind everything we do, what drives us, what keeps us going when things get tough, the reason we get up early to exercise or work late to finish a project. Everything we do is motivated by some combination of conscious and unconscious needs or desires.

People who consistently meet their goals are clear on the motive or reason “why” they want to accomplish them. Hence, they stay focused and do not get easily discouraged by obstacles. They become personally invested in finding solutions to move forward and become highly engaged in reaching their objectives.

How can you set goals that empower you?

1. ENVISION your future.
It isn’t easy to write goals when you are not sure what the result looks like. It’s important to have a detailed mental picture of what you want to accomplish, the positive impact in your life, and how it is different from where you are today. The clearer the picture of your future, not only will it make it easier to craft your goals, but you will also become motivated to accomplish them.

2. Understand your WHY.
As you envision your future, also think about the reason WHY you want to reach that future. Your WHY is the fuel that will keep you going, especially when you face adversity. If your reason for being, doing, and knowing is shallow, you will eventually lose your drive to move forward and give up.

3. Be SPECIFIC and state your goals in the POSITIVE.
It’s important to be very specific when writing your goals. Write the details of what you want to accomplish in a way that includes a measurable outcome. Think about what the benefits are to you when you’ve accomplished your goal and the specific date of when you plan to achieve it. Also, use a positive tone and include words and phrases that make you feel good and inspire you.

Remember, when you recognize the value of your goal, it will become non-negotiable.

4. Identify your level of EXCITEMENT.
Once you’ve written down your goals, ask yourself what is the level of excitement of each of your goals, using a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is “very exciting.” If any of them has a level of excitement that is 8 or less, I would encourage you to rewrite them with a different focus.

When you are not very excited about a goal, then the probability of accomplishing it will be low.

Your goals are meant to help you reach your dreams and move forward daily. You don’t have to wait for the “right moment” to set them. So today, as you read these words, I encourage you to take a moment to envision what you would like to accomplish a year from now, and dream about the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Make this day the beginning of your new path in life. A life that you are proud of and happy to share with yourself and others.

“It’s never too late to set another goal or to dream another dream”

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