In 1969; Toffler, a prominent scholar, made an interesting observation by stating that “values are so inextricably woven into our language, thought and behavior patterns that they have fascinated philosophers for millennia. Yet they have proved so “quick-silvery” and complex that, despite their decisive role in human motivation, we remain desperately ignorant of the laws that govern them.”

Significant contributions were made by scholars in this field since the late sixties, although ambiguous areas remain present. In this article, we aim to understand the forces that shaped human values and the laws that govern them from historical and modern perspectives.

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NWI Note on this research:

When developing your high-level wellness strategies, it is critical to align the core values of your entire audience.  Think about where they live, work, and play. Think about how their upbringing,  environment, and routines have shaped their decision making.  Structuring your wellness initiative to core values will create higher level of interest and engagement.  This foundational structure provides the atmosphere to shift behaviors, mindsets, and practices.  Wellness has a rooted foundation within the spiritual wellness dimension of NWI’s Six Dimension Model approach to your high-level wellness strategy.  Core values also represent the discipline to create a sense of belonging for everyone, thus keeping a multicultural competency attitude as you drive your programming.