By: Samantha Diedrich, MS, CWP and Suzanne Hunt, MPH, CWP, CHC

National Wellness Institute’s Emerging Wellness Professionals (EWP) Taskforce is proud to support all new professionals joining the wellness industry. Whether you had a career change to an occupation in the wellness field, or are a recent graduate beginning your career path in wellnes— NWI’s EWP Taskforce welcomes you!

In an effort to support EWPs across the country, President of the National Wellness Institute’s EWP Task Force Suzanne Hunt and Vice President Samantha Diedrich are dedicated to continuing meeting with college students across the country virtually. Sam and Suzanne have met with student organizations, classes, professional staff and advisors, and participated in special event speaking engagements, as well as one-on-one career exploration interviews with aspiring wellness professionals.

Suzanne is the 2019 EWP Award Recipient, and Sam is the 2019 Circle of Leadership inductee for NWI. Both women have a strong resume of leadership development within the field of wellness which is representative in their empowering stories of growth in the evolving wellness industry. These young women leaders in wellness will address their professional journeys, facilitate discussions about their educational paths, degrees, and certifications. Additionally, with the support of the National Wellness Institute, they can help EWP’s learn more about what resources NWI has to offer its members.

Having an EWP Task Force leader speak to your organization or school, these accomplished leaders will give perspective on where they see the future of wellness heading in terms of employment, reimagination, and growth in innovation. Sam and Suzanne together have wellness relationships across the United States and can happily support recommendations about how to find jobs in the broad wellness industry, impart advice on what EWP’s can do to prepare themselves for a career in wellness, while also examining where you might find valuable internships or additional learning experiences. Lastly, based on their combined higher education experience, Sam and Suzanne can guide conversations regarding the appropriateness of graduate school, or if obtaining additional trainings and certifications may be needed for certain career opportunities.

If you are interested in having Sam or Suzanne, or any EWP Task Force Leader, attend your next event, please email Trina Laube, V.P. of Strategic Initiatives for National Wellness Institute, at to schedule your meeting.