Every month, NWI curates articles, research, think pieces, podcasts, and original pieces on current trending topics within the health and wellness industry. Here are some of the most trending topics and pieces of content from October 2020.

Turning to the Present Moment of Racism

In this article, Doshin Mako Voelkel asks how do we hold the realities of racism in our hearts, and how do we hold the parts of ourselves that might want to look away?

Highway to Well: “Fall on Me,” with Craig Becker

In this wellness podcast from Derek Bell, Craig Becker and Derek discuss the value of salutogenesis. Salutogenesis is the study of the origins of health and how it can be generated. Salutogenesis can cause chronic wellness, which is persistent positive conditions enabled through engagement in health causing actions, by helping us know what environments, behaviors and thoughts improve health and well-being. Listen to the podcast, here.

Redesigning Wellness With Jen Arnold: Wellness Strategy and Planning During Uncertain Times With Maddison Bezdicek and Vicki Roy

Another wellness podcast to add to this article on trends, Maddison Bezdicek, Health Strategies Practice Leader at Hylant, and Vicki Roy, Senior Health Strategist at Hylant, join Jen Arnold to offer an inside look at how wellness consultants handled the sudden pivot required at the start of the pandemic, what strategies they’ve used since to support their clients, and how the Redesigning Wellness Academy helped them along the way. Listen to the podcast, here.

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

The winter months of 2020 are closing in, which means a surge in cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder and Vitamin D deficiency. This article details the signs of Vitamin D deficiency, and what you can do to prevent harmful effects on your health.