By: NWI Staff

Jim Porter, President of StressStop, author of Stop Stress This Minute, and frequent speaker at the National Wellness Conference, has put together a 90-minute webinar, divided into eights parts, adapting his 6-Step Stress Prevention Model for those who face challenges during COVID-19.

Understanding how stress related to COVID-19 associates with everyday stress will give you insight in how to better handle demanding situations, when they arise. Jim takes viewers through the six steps, providing guidance with problem-solving, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, resilience, and social support.

See the first part of the series below. To see all eight videos in the series, visit StressStop.

Coping with COVID-19 Stress Part 1: Introduction

Description: With COVID-19, we may be facing a period of long-term chronic stress. Since stress adversely affects the immune system, learning how to manage it is now more important than ever.

Jim Porter StressStopJim Porter is a stress management expert, speaker, and President of StressStop. A broad range of organizations serve as his clients, including the C.I.A., U.S. Army, Mayo Clinic, MIT, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Seattle Public Schools.