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180: Open Hiring at Greyston Bakery with Joe Kenner and Sara Marcus

When people aren’t working, the community is suffering, according to Joe Kenner, Vice President of Programs and Partnerships at Greyston Bakery, an organization founded on an open hiring philosophy. From Greyston’s earliest beginnings, they’ve been hiring populations that many would deem unemployable, using a first come first serve approach.

As VP of Programs and Partnerships, Joe Kenner is responsible for directing Greyston’s workforce development and community wellness strategies and activities. He’s joined in today’s conversation by Sara Marcus, Partnerships Manager at Greyston’s Center for Open Hiring. She oversees partnerships with employers, non-profit partners, and funders with the ultimate goal of fostering a wider adoption of open hiring among businesses.

In this episode, Joe explains Greyston’s humble beginnings, as well as origin of the company’s open hiring policy – a strategy implemented by Greyston’s founder, Bernie Glassman, as a way to help the Yonkers community thrive. They share some of the benefits of open hiring, including a lower rate of turnover and a reallocation of funds into keeping employees rather than hiring them. Finally, Sara discusses the process of helping other companies move toward an open hiring model, including the Greyston Learning Lab where companies are invited to Greyston to get a first-hand look at facility and how fewer barriers in the hiring process might work for them.

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