The wellness industry is changing. While there are many certifications to pursue, very few are based on current research like the Certified Wellness Practitioner credential. Suzanne Hunt, Director of Professional Development at the National Wellness Institute, details what sets the CWP credential apart from other industry certifications. Watch the video or read the transcript below. 

The wellness industry is extremely difficult not only to get into but to continue to navigate once you’re in there. We get a lot of questions about why this certification and what skills or what certifications do I need? 

Because I would argue that our industry is one of the most certifying type of industries that there are and it’s really hard for people to distinguish what certifications are valid and helpful and which ones are just out there for the money and truly this is all based on evidence-informed research that we have done that is very new to the industry it’s not based on old competencies, it’s not based on old information, it’s brand new. We’re constantly working to innovate it, to make it make sense and to match what’s actually happening in the industry right now. 

And so not only is this evidence-based​, but also from a credible source there are a lot of ways people get confused and when they’re looking at trainings or certificate programs or certifications and is it from a credible source? And they end up paying thousands of dollars for something that means nothing. And that’s the great thing about what we’re doing is we not only work with employers to understand what’s needed but we work with emerging and seasoned professionals, and we do the research ourselves to truly know what people need to know and be able to do. 

Because in the industry it’s not about necessarily being the smartest, it’s really being able to use the knowledge and skills that you say you have and this is what this credential does. So, it really stands apart because it isn’t so specific that you have to have the perfect degree or the perfect background for it instead it showcases the breadth and depth that’s of knowledge that you have to have as a wellness promotion professional when you work with individuals, communities or groups to impact change. 

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