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189: The Impact of Employee Loneliness with Hakan Ozcelik, Professor at California State University, Sacramento

With the increased need for social distancing, working from home, and quarantining, loneliness has become even more of a hot topic than it was before COVID-19. Today’s guest, Hakan Ozcelik, walks us through his most recent research study on loneliness and the impact on employees, teams, and the organization as a whole. Hakan is a professor of management at California State University, Sacramento. With a Ph.D. in organizational behavior, he has published his research on many topics, including workplace loneliness and organizational neuroscience, in countless prestigious outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the New York Times.

In this episode, Hakan defines loneliness and how it differentiates from things like depression and physically being alone. He discusses his research titled No Employee An Island, touching on both the design and the project’s findings. Hakan reveals the impact of his research findings on team performance, as well as intervention strategies that managers can employ. Finally, Hakan leaves us with a few tangible tips on how to apply this research in our own organizations.

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