By: NWI Staff

The National Wellness Institute has partnered with ExpertVoice to expand the wellness community, using their pool of experts to offer added benefits to NWI members.

NWI recognizes the value of our membership community and the expertise they have in various fields of well-being and professional pursuits. By joining ExpertVoice’s association of experts, NWI members will get the opportunity to boost their expertise, shop amazing deals with wellness-focused brands, share their knowledge

ExpertVoice serves consumers by aiding them in purchasing products and services more confidently. More than 500 brands partner with ExpertVoice to scale credible product recommendations from 1,000,000+ verified experts. These experts – retail sales associates and industry professionals – join the ExpertVoice community to gain detailed knowledge and first-hand experiences with products so they can make authentic recommendations online and offline.

Get first-hand knowledge on the newest products and get amazing discounts by visiting our dedicated ExpertVoice membership benefit page.

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