Effects of carbohydrate restriction on postprandial glucose metabolism, β-cell function, gut hormone secretion, and satiety in patients with Type 2 diabetes

The carbohydrate-reduced high-protein (CRHP) diet improved the hallmarks of b-cell dysfunction, resulting in a more appropriate β-cell response to glycemia, indicating less “stress” on the β-cells. A CRHP meal increased postprandial glucagon response, which may be implicated in the increased subjective satiety following ingestion of a CRHP diet. View a PDF of the research article from the American Physiological Society

Low Carbohydrates High-Protein Diet Benefits Patients of Diabetes; Claims Study

This research has found that a low carbohydrate, high protein diet reduced glucose excursions and improves beta-cell function, including proinsulin processing with Type 2 diabetics.  While the findings may not be surprising, the research provides you with the evidence you need to deliver a high-level wellness initiative focused on low-carb/high-protein diets.  You might even be able to build a healthy vending policy case around this research if leadership is ready to shape a high-performing environment through nourishment. Read the full article on MedicalDialogues.in