By: NWI Staff

Sarah Gross, an ACE certified health coach and a recent graduate of the Health and Community Wellness program at the University of West Georgia, released a four-part video series titled “Mindfulness at Home”, perfect for a wellness check-up while social distancing.

All four videos are below, and cover topics like gratitude, optimism, having a growth mindset, and self-compassion. For more information on mental well-being, mindfulness, and positivity, visit NWI’s Calendar of Events, where you can register for webinars and courses on topics like resilience, thriving, emotional wellness, financial literacy, and changing your culture at work to complement and support whole-person wellness.


The act of gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness, with the particular quality of remaining thankful. Watch Sarah explain how to practice gratitude, daily.

Growth Mindset

Proposed by Stanford professor Carol Dweck in her book Mindset, a growth mindset describes people who believe their personal success depends on time and effort, and that their skills and intelligence can be improved with persistence. Watch Sarah detail traits of a successful person with a growth mindset.


At the very core of optimism is hope, and to practice optimism, one must be confident about the future. Sarah explains how hope and confidence can turn your life on to a happier path.


Though compassion towards others is extremely important, one must learn to be self-compassionate in order to thrive, have greater satisfaction with life, be motivated, be physically well, and to have the resilience to properly cope with stressful events, when they occur. Watch to learn other benefits of being self-compassionate.