By: NWI Staff

5 Ways Your Company Can Plan For A Year Of Health & Wellness Engagement

Health and wellness have not just become a priority, but a necessity for a more engaged and productive workforce. The result? Companies are putting more thought into their employee wellness programs. Givhero gathered some strategies to use the new year as an opportunity to kick off your company’s health and wellness plan. Read more on

4 Factors Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in the U.S.

Engagement levels reached a record high in 2019 and teams with higher engagement are less likely to leave their organization. Read more on

9 Employee Engagement Archetypes

Check out the video from Harvard Business Review on a holistic approach to understanding engagement that yields more-detailed insights into what makes people stick around and do their best work.

The Effectiveness of Community Engagement in Public Health Interventions for Disadvantaged Groups: A Meta-Analysis

Engaging members of disadvantaged communities in public health initiatives has been suggested as a way to reduce health inequities. This systematic review was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions that engage the community on a range of health outcomes across diverse health issues. Read more at

Community Engagement for Quality, Integrated, People-Centered and Resilient health services

People and the communities in which they are born, raised, live, work and play, are at the heart of delivering people-centered and integrated health services. Communities need to be at the center of drives to improve the quality of health services, access and equity, and achieving universal health coverage (UHC). Read more at