The Certified Wellness Practitioner designation is quickly becoming the industry gold standard for wellness professionals. Alyssa Protsman, Manager of Communications and Engagement at The National Wellness Institute, provides details about CWP and why the designation is growing in popularity among wellness professionals.

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Narrator: I’m here with Alyssa Protsman with the National Wellness Institute. Today we’re talking about CWP, also known as the Certified Wellness Practitioner designation, offered by NWI. Alyssa, what is a Certified Wellness Practitioner?

Alyssa: So, an individual who is recognized as a Certified Wellness Practitioner, or a CWP, has shown that they meet the standards that are set by the National Wellness Institute’s Council on Wellness and Certification Excellence, for being able to implement multi- dimensional, multicultural, high level wellness strategies. So, a Certified Wellness Practitioner is really able to demonstrate high level performance in their field as well as strong academic preparation and commitment to continuing education, scholarship and their professional development.

Alyssa: The National Wellness Institute developed the CWP certification program in 2014 in order to help establish professional standards for wellness practitioners. When the NWI Council on Wellness Certification Excellence released the original NWI Wellness Promotion competency model, based on research published in 2017, this model became the new standard for the CWP designation and allowed us to revise and improve the application and eligibility requirements to reflect these competencies.

And CWP is only available through the National Wellness Institute.

Narrator: How is NWI leading the effort to enhance the pool of highly qualified wellness practitioners?

Alyssa: At NWI, we want to be a champion for the worldwide wellness community. In addition to the CWP credential, our courses, trainings, and networking opportunities, including our annual National Wellness Conference, are intentionally designed to support wellness professionals with diverse backgrounds and diverse goals so they can make a greater impact on the populations they serve.

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