Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Properly activated wellness programs that emphasize personalized messaging, access to needed resources and tools, and have clear quality of life strategies will positively impact the health and well-being of people. This is according to the recently released Social Activation of Wellness Report by the National Wellness Institute (NWI).

The report delivers key insights from top wellness practitioners who attended NWI’s 2021 WELL Leader Connect Event. In the report’s findings, best-practice initiatives provided a clear, evidence-informed framework for wellness leaders and practitioners to understand how to best shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices to address social determinants of health. The Social Activation of Wellness report keyed in on three main factors that drive real and sustainable success: individual health and wellness, healthy places, and economic vitality.

Chuck Gillespie, CWP, CEO of the National Wellness Institute states that, “To have a wealth of brilliant wellness leaders gathered in one place and who represented business, coaching, consulting, public health, healthcare, academia, and vendors provided us the knowledge and ability to write this report and deliver solution-based practical activations that apply to workplaces, communities, and in your own home.”

The Social Activation of Wellness Report puts the National Wellness Institute’s Wellness Promotion Competency Model into practice to drive strategic action and sustainable, high-level wellness outcomes by empowering leaders to scale deeper and align the needs of population they serve with person-centric interventions that are multidimensional and culturally appropriate.

The National Wellness Institute (NWI) is the leader in providing gold-standard professional development and engagement opportunities that support professionals from a variety of disciplines in promoting whole–person wellness. NWI is the worldwide voice of the wellness community and serves as a guidepost for Certified Wellness Practitioners who are ready to evolve their professional competencies and make a greater impact on the human experience.

To access the Social Activation of Wellness Report, visit the National Wellness Institute.