Zero Discrimination Day is a day to celebrate the right of everyone to live a full, well, and productive life—and live with dignity and free from discrimination.

The Zero Discrimination Day 2022 campaign challenges people to act against laws in their country and local communities that deny individuals’ human rights or essential services, simply because of who they are, what they do, or who they love. Ending discrimination and changing laws is the responsibility of us all. Everyone can play a part in ending discrimination and can try to make a difference, in ways both big and small.

Five actions for individuals

  1. Highlight discriminatory laws, so we can all advocate for change—post your initiatives for zero discrimination on social media.
  2. Be an ally, call out discrimination when you see it.
  3. Demand change from your parliamentarian, ombudsperson or human rights organization.
  4. Start a petition to change the law.
  5. Donate time, money or expertise to an organization that is working for law reform, or start one yourself.


Five actions for businesses

  1. Inform yourself about discrimination and its impact on the people affected.
  2. Raise awareness among employees and corporate partners
  3. Adopt and promote a policy that prevents and protects against discrimination in the workplace.
  4. Partner with local organizations that are affected by discriminatory laws or that are working on law reform.
  5. Start a charity drive and ensure that funding goes toward human rights, law reform, legal aid and legal education.


Changing Laws is Possible

Learn more about laws that can contain discriminatory provisions and strategic ways to impact legislation in your community.

Click here to learn how to contact your local United States senator.


Lead Inclusive Wellness Initiatives 

Gain tools and skills to lead the change through effective and meaningful ways of engaging individuals whose worldviews are different from your own, while championing high-level wellness for everyone with National Wellness Institute’s Wellness That Works: Beyond DEI 6-week online professional certificate training course.