When it comes to health and wellness, one’s physical health and abilities are often at the forefront. In fact, it’s only recently that mental health is more often addressed in society, though mental health stigmas are still prevalent.

However, our overall health and wellness has several facts, with physical, social, and mental health each being a part. Intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and dimensional are also dimensions of our wellness. While both physical and mental health are hugely important, social health greatly impacts our health too.

What is social health?

Our social health and wellness is measured by the relationships and connections we have to others in the world around us. Most mammals (and other animals) are inherently social creatures, and social relationships help us survive and thrive in today’s society.

It’s not just about the quantity friends you have. I could have 500 friends on Facebook, but if I don’t have at least a few quality friendships, my support system–and therefore social health–won’t be very strong.