2020 National Wellness ConferenceExcitement is building for our 2020 National Wellness Conference as we go virtual and “Reimagine Wellness.” Nationally recognized industry professionals, interactive sessions, and fun participant engagement opportunities are scheduled for our 45th conference. Chuck Gillespie, National Wellness Institute CEO, recently shared details about two of the keynote speakers at this year’s conference. Read or listen to his interview below.

Announcer: The Reimagine Wellness Conference is July 21st and 22nd. This virtual event is hosted by the National Wellness Institute. Here with us today is CEO Chuck Gillespie to tell us about the event and some of the speakers. Chuck?

Chuck Gillespie: Well, we’re really excited to have Rebecca Johnson who is a co-founder and chief operations officer for ViDL solutions out of Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida. Rebecca is really going to be able to talk a lot about what you’re dealing with as you’re bringing employees back, some of the struggles with unhealthy employees, and really even coming at it from that post-COVID-19 perspective. There’s going to be a huge amount of need to really rethink and reimagine your wellness initiatives and your health strategies as employees are coming back to work. Rebecca is going to be able to spend that one hour of time to really help you tackle some of these issues, so that you can prepare people to become functionally optimal.

And what I mean by functionally optimal is really where the Halbert Dunn, Dr. Halbert Dunn’s, root definition of wellness is from. The 1950s thinking about what functioning optimally within your environment is all about. Rebecca is going to be able to bring that to the table, and to our conference, in a great way and we’re really excited.

Announcer: Any other speakers you’d like to add to the conversation?

Chuck Gillespie: And the other speaker that I’m going to talk about right now is Tramaine EL-Amin. Tramaine is the assistant vice president for Mental Health First Aid of the United States, and she works for the National Council for Behavioral Health. I’ve known Tramaine for a number of years now, and we really are excited to bring her on because, as we all know, mental health is going to be a huge issue that we’re going to be dealing with in the coming years, not just the coming months. Tramaine, with the program of Mental Health First Aid, really does bring a great perspective not only to the work, but to the community as a whole.

And we’re really excited about having her come in and speak about what we’re going to be needing to be looking for. What are those signs that we need to be looking at? How do we make sure that mental health is on the forefront of the minds of your corporate leaders, your frontline supervisors, as well as your staff, and where are those communities that can bring Mental Health First Aid to the aid of everybody in your community—whether you are in an underserved community or even in a thriving community.

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