Redesigning Wellness Podcast with Jen Arnold

The Redesigning Wellness podcast explores the world of corporate health to help employers build strategic wellness programs that engage employees.

In this podcast, Jen Arnold interviews experts in various specialties to demystify the common worksite wellness program. She’ll also spend time sharing barriers to help get your wellness program moving forward.

You’ll discover common sense approaches to wellness, tips for engaging employees and how to implement a program that your employees actually like.

Episode 203: Increasing Racial Diversity in the Wellness Field with Dawn Carter, Jessica Etheredge, and Juanita Hawkins

Take a moment to picture a wellness professional in your mind’s eye. What or who came to mind? Chances are, the image of a young, fit, white woman sprang to mind. Considering the vastly varied workforces that the wellness community aims to serve, the lack of diversity in the field means we’re missing out on a staggering amount of perspective that would greatly benefit our end user: employees.

Today’s guests, Dawn Carter, Jessica Etheredge, and Juanita Hawkins, are health promotion professionals who are brave enough to discuss the challenges they’ve faced in their careers.

They offer their perspectives on why the health promotion field is largely white and what the wellness community is missing out on due to a lack of diversity. The panel leaves us with what wellness professionals can do to encourage more diversity and lessen the micro and macro aggressions black wellness professionals experience.

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