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Category: Featured

The future of wellness: Connected and customized

by McKinsey & Company The wellness market is booming. Consumers intend to keep spending more on products that improve their health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness. In this edition of The Next Normal,...

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America’s Going to the Gym Again

That’s Bad News for Peloton, But Great News for Mental Health BY SEAN GREGORY  Alison Phillips, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University, grew so, so tired of using the elliptical machine in her home,...

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Bet on It: 37% of Desks Will Be Empty

BY JIM CLIFTON WITH BEN WIGERT I recently asked a team of our advanced analysts to establish an over/under for how many U.S. employees will not be returning to the office full time in the future. Here are some key facts I...

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Medicine’s Wellness Conundrum

(NWI Note:  This is a great article. However, NWI feels this articles still does not represent Halbert Dunn’s complete definition of high-level wellness. Dunn’s definition of high-level wellness focuses equally on...

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A History of Research into Core Values

By Dr Alaa Ahmed In 1969; Toffler, a prominent scholar, made an interesting observation by stating that “values are so inextricably woven into our language, thought and behavior patterns that they have fascinated philosophers...

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Join our Wellbeing Conversation on Belonging

By Ellen Kocher, Health and Wellness Coach and Consultant, BSE, MAHWC, ICF PCC, NBHWC In November 2021, Dr. Andrew A. Parsons and the EMCCUK Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group invited us to start a conversation about...

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