By Mary Kline, Michigan Wellness Council Board President

In a world that is more virtual than ever, companies have been forced to explore new ways to support the well-being of their employees. Companies like the Bank of Ann Arbor (BOAA) have been able to keep wellness on the forefront of their employees’ minds. BOAA has continued to run a successful wellness program with over 250 employees, spread out over 8 locations. In fact, BOAA has maintained its 87% participant rate even during this unique year. How have they done this? By committing to their employees’ well-being and partnering with a wide range of wellness vendors.

BOAA has partnered with OnSite Wellness for over 5 years. Using a combination of onsite time and online resources, employees can choose from a variety of wellness opportunities. BOAA participants can customize their own wellness experience with over 30 unique ways to earn credit including quarterly wellness classes, blood pressure/weight check-ins, annual biometric screenings, wellness challenges, preventative exams, volunteering, and more.

Take it from Dan and what he learned through participating in wellness challenges and striving to earn the annual wellness incentive – “Thing is, it HAS become more of a habit, so now I want to keep going and walk with (my coworker)…thanks for the healthy nudge. I am just not a self-motivator, so the overall wellness plan points are good for me personally. I like how it is an overall fitness/wellness program, so that giving blood, volunteering, and doing (ugh) physical activity contributes to my paying less money in the long run. Working off the stupid paczki I just ate (400 cal’s, untold # grams of fat) will be good motivation for walking today, too.” This is just one example of the critical role wellness has played in enhancing the well-being of the BOAA team.

This year a full health and wellness experience is more important than ever – whether fighting COVID or maneuvering the stressors of 2020. The Bank of Ann Arbor has committed to wellness and both the bank and its employees are thriving because of it. What are you doing for your employees? Please share your stories with us at