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The Redesigning Wellness podcast explores the world of corporate health to help employers build strategic wellness programs that engage employees.

In this podcast, Jen Arnold interviews experts in various specialties to demystify the common worksite wellness program. She’ll also spend time sharing barriers to help get your wellness program moving forward.

You’ll discover common sense approaches to wellness, tips for engaging employees and how to implement a program that your employees actually like.

182: Creating Change Through Context with Norman Wolfe, Founder of Quantum Leaders

Organizations are much more like living bodies than the well-oiled machines that we so often imagine them to be. Helping leaders understand and utilize this difference is the life goal of today’s guest, Norman Wolfe, founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders.

In his book The Living Organization, Norman draws on his 30-plus years of consulting and mentoring leaders to explain the core principles of how the world works and how it can be applied in businesses to create extraordinary impact and unleash the power of the human spirit.

In this episode, Norman explains how his living organization model was born and gives us a walk-through of its principles, including the three fields of energy (activity, relationship, and context) and how the interaction of these three fields make up Wolfe’s Law.

He takes a deeper dive through his thoughts on context and leverage, and how shifting the context is the key to making wellness an inextricable part of the organization rather than a non-essential add-on. Lastly, he leaves wellness professionals with a tangible tip to start utilizing his model.