Redesigning Wellness Podcast with Jen Arnold

The Redesigning Wellness podcast explores the world of corporate health to help employers build strategic wellness programs that engage employees.

In this podcast, Jen Arnold interviews experts in various specialties to demystify the common worksite wellness program. She’ll also spend time sharing barriers to help get your wellness program moving forward.

You’ll discover common sense approaches to wellness, tips for engaging employees and how to implement a program that your employees actually like.

Episode 202: Moving Beyond Healthcare Costs Savings With Jim Purcell, Founder of the Returns on Wellbeing Institute

The C-Suite focus on ROI doesn’t have to be a stumbling block to getting support for comprehensive wellbeing programs. Today’s guest, Jim Purcell, Founder of the Returns on Wellbeing Institute offers three strategic and impactful ROIs that senior leadership may not be considering beyond reduction in health care spending.

As the former CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Jim is uniquely positioned to offer practical, evidence based framework for designing and implementing effective workplace well-being cultures and programs that senior leadership will support. He is a frequent contributor to, and will be publishing a book in 2021.

In today’s episode, Jim shares his background and how he got interested in wellness, as well as his opinion on the difference between wellness and well-being. He explains how to get C-Suite’s attention by proving wellbeing works with 3 ROIs more important than reducing health care costs and how to answer the inevitable pushback.

Jim discusses the successes experienced by both SAP and Quicken Loans, and lastly gives listeners a few tangible tips on communicating with senior leadership and getting organizations started addressing low mental and emotional well-being among employees.

Please note: this interview was recorded pre-COVID.

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