Friday, April 30, 2021, from 12:00 to 1:30 Eastern Time — During WIN Week — Register Here

The WIN with Business webinar will be co-led by colleagues from ReThink Health, Amplifier, WE in the World, and the Center for Popular Democracy.

Together, we will explore both big picture and personal perspectives about how a well-being economy is beginning to emerge through a rapidly-expanding ecosystem of initiatives and investors.

We will remember that a surprisingly intentional strategy, formed several decades ago, caused today’s economic paradigm to become a widespread norm; and we will consider what it takes to replace such an extractive and exploitive economic system with one that truly values the vital conditions that everyone needs to thrive together: one that is just, regenerative, and multiracial, by design. Also, knowing that artists must be pivotal players in any great movement, we will connect the creative forces that animate two recent campaigns for economic renewal: RESET Capitalism and We Can Thrive Together: Visioning Economic Justice for All. Finally, participants will share their own guidance about how a rising cadre of shared stewards – working as individuals, organizations, and investors – can do even more to bring an emerging well-being economy to life.

Register for the Webinar Here