Here at the National Wellness Institute, our mission is to enrich lives and careers with competencies and connections to promote inclusive, whole-person wellness.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put many lives on hold, and with the interruption in routine, our communities have been redirecting focus on other dimensions of well-being in order to remain safe and resilient.

We have collected resources to help in this time of uncertainty. Below, resources are separated by which of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness they address, and when you are directed to the dimension you would like to explore, we’ve also highlighted who would benefit the most from these resources.

Though physical wellness is so important to maintain, right now, we can’t ignore the other areas of ourselves. We encourage you to use these resources to ensure whole-person wellness.

Resources by Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness resources related to COVID-19 are categorized by which of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness the resource would enhance. Click the selection that best fits your needs.