Current National Wellness Institute Board Treasurer and President Elect, Brian Schroeder, will assume the role of President on September 1. Brian is in his fourth year on the Board of Directors and is founder and CEO of Preventia Group.

“First, thanks to Linda Howard for her seven years of dedication to NWI. I am honored to be taking over the role of President in a time of change and opportunity. Thanks to Linda’s work laying the foundation, NWI is able to expand its worldwide voice of the wellness community. My role as President is to ensure we are effective and efficient with the needs of all global wellness champions. Wellness takes on many different definitions, and NWI will be helping refine what wellness truly is – functioning optimally within our environments.”

During the Board of Directors Annual Meeting, National Wellness Institute Board members tapped Dr. Lana Saal to be its next Treasurer. Her term begins September 1.

Lana has been a member of NWI for many years and has been a wellness leader and voice throughout her career. Lana has led wellness initiatives with character, grace, and tremendous success.

“National Wellness Institute is in its strongest financial position in over a decade after 18 months of realigning the focus and fiduciary responsibilities for NWI and its members by the Board and staff,” states Saal.  “We are now in a growth and development mode like I have never seen in my years of being a member. We will continue to be strong stewards of our budgets during this growth, but with this new focus and financial position, NWI can concentrate on meeting its mission of enriching the lives and career of all wellness professionals.”

Congratulate Brian and Lana on their new roles!